#RunJaimeStrong My Friend Jodie

My friend Jodie.

KIn the past you have read a lot from me about different traits.

I could go back, through the mess I've made at jamthegym.com and relate each and every one of them.  So many separate but forever linked stories about our teams, our players, our coaches, and our community.  Each of them come with a theme, or more accurately a trait.  Something that brings the story to a close, gives it meaning, or makes it powerful.  Through it all, there is my dear friend Jodie.  

Jodie embodies every trait.

She is Grace





And most of all, Jodie is 









All of this, with two beautiful, and very active boys, one on each hip.

I have blogged about the heroes of our National Team, and while their stories certainly impress me, they cannot compare with Jods.  I lean on you Jodie, when things get crazy, when I need some one to talk to, when I need guidance.

Soon Jaime and Ellen will receive an award for courage, but I say to all that can hear, there should be a third name there too!  You have taught me so much.  I owe you so much.  We love you so much.

Sunday Jodie will toe the starting line at the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and run 13.1 miles in honor of her sister, her twin, and her very best friend.  I wanted you to know I noticed these traits you will run with on Sunday.  Press them in to every mile.  Take each step forward with love. Stamp the finish line with your courage.  

Best of luck Jodie!