With a share of a section championship in hand, the Cavaliers were awarded a home match for the first round of the playoffs.  This again brought more attention to Thad and the team.  Thad was discussed on MSA's selection show, and the threat of this team making a playoff run really had teams outside section 1AAA paying attention to this issue. 

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The team had built on the good feelings coming out of Jam the Gym, and learned as the first half wound down what their roles would be.  Thad's strong play on the outside gave the middles extra room as teams put their best blockers on him and Faye and Maddie, reaped the benefits.

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Our story in the media

As we approach this part of the story, I wanted to share this video with you all.  Up until this point I had seen Jaime being so courageous, helping Ellen deal with her treatments, sharing tips and stories about what she was going through.  I'm not sure I had ever seen her down.  In this video she did with Andrew Stockey she let her guard down a bit.  I'm not sure many of us outside her family saw her this vulnerable, and I remember that it shook me up.

Later as Thanksgiving approached Jory Rand came out to the school to do a special story on both Ellen and Jaime.  By this time both were doing so well, and the mood was much more positive.

We are so thankful for the media and their professionalism and kindness.