Jaime Strong

Last Monday, we learned of the passing of our dear, beautiful, friend Jaime Moran.  It was Jaime who inspired us to start Jam the Gym, it was Jaime who wanted to give back with Jam the Gym 2, and Jaime's imprint will be on Jam the Gym 3, and on into the future.  This news has left those of us lucky enough to have known and loved her with a giant hole in our hearts.  We will miss her fighting spirit and her brilliant smile.  We take comfort in the knowledge that Jaime's place in the Kingdom is assured, and we will meet her again, someday.
    With this news came the necessity for some changes in our events benefactors.  We will focus on those charities that Jaime felt were most important for us to help. 
1. Children's Hospital 9b- The ward where Jaime spent most of her adult time as a patient.  This ward, originally designed for mostly children, lacks some of the touches that young adults might need, should they relapse.  Jaime dreamed of changing that...
2. The Kiski Area Education Foundation Scholarship Program- Jaime LOVED being a coach and teacher, so naturally she wished to help out students who have been directly affected by cancer in their families(themselves, a parent, or sibling).  A scholarship will be set up in her name for this purpose.
3. The Fluorescent Angels Fund- From the beginning, Jam the Gym sought to ease the burden of cancer patients in our area.  This fund has and will continue to seek out those in need and help them, in some measure, financially.
The other events surrounding Jam the Gym remain.  A great High School match, with host Kiski Area welcoming the Butler Golden Tornado's and for the night capCollegiate volleyball comes to the Kiski Valley, as the Point Park Pioneers host the Seton Hill Griffins.  Between matches there will be games and a Chinese auctions with great prizes.  We will also take time to remember our coach and friend Jaime.  It promises to be a great night of volleyball and a chance for the community to reflect on Jaime's incredible life, her love of sports, and her importance to all of us.  God Bless Jaime Moran.