A recap and thank you

Well, Jam the Gym 3 is now in the books!  What an evening!  Starting off with the spectacular array of gift baskets we were able to accumulate with the generousity of local fans, teams, and businesses.  We gave away nearly $20,000 dollars worth of merchandise, event tickets, and sports memorabilia! Many thanks to those who donated!  You made this night possible!
Our special guests made the night memorable for those in attendance.  Who will ever forget Bill Deasy's soulful "Hallelujia" dedicated to Jaime.  It will always be a song that takes us back to that night, and we will remember!  Having a local volleyball hero on the bench was a thrill for the Kiski team, as Christa Harmotto stayed on the sideline with them, cheering them on and coaching them up.
Christa's desire to be a part of Jam the Gym gave us a real shot in the arm, when we really needed it.  And none of us will ever forget little Mia Wilson's grand entrance on the shoulders of the Kiski team. Mia reminds us that we need to continue this fight, in Jaime's name.  Mia flashes the same million watt smile, despite her own battle with ALL leukemia.
On the volleyball end of things, we watched two good high school teams working out the kinks early in the season, and working through the emotion of the night.  In the end Butler prevailed, 26-24,
26-24, and 25-16, but in competing on this evening gained a real measure of respect and admiration for each other.  These two teams, along with the teams that joined them on the court for the National Anthem, Plum, Leechburg, and Kittanning, share the common experience of this night, and therefor a special bond that comes with it.  After the High School game, Point Park University took the court for a spirited two game exhibition of what small college volleyball aspires to be.  They joined with us in the emotion of the night, and then played their hearts out in the very first college volleyball played here at Kiski.  It was a privilege to be able to watch the caliber of volleyball that they possess.  PPU is going to be a National power at their level for years to come, and it is because along with their obvious athleticism, they have great character.  Jam the Gym was a night of great volleyball.  More importantly, it was a exhibition of how close knit our volleyball community is, and needs to be in    times of great trial.
So what is next?  Stay tuned here for the latest news!  We will be posting photos and video clips from the various news sources that covered our special evening.  Jam the Gym 3 is indeed a memory, a real good memory.
One more thing...
Stay JaimeStrong!!!

Jam the Gym 3 was successful in so many ways.  It gave a community the chance to gather and to mourn the loss of a dear friend, and then celebrate her amazing life.  It gave a