The Power of Good knows no bounds!

I got an e-mail today, and I really wanted to share it with you here on the blog.  It was from Jaime's Aunt Dayna, who is Head Women's Basketball Coach at Cornell University.  It is testament to how powerful the good in our world is, so powerful that it continues after we're gone.  

Wanted to share a little news with you.  Our Men’s assistant soccer coach just stopped by to chat.  When Jaime relapsed the second time we had a Be the Match Drive in connection with a hockey event.  Josh organized it…Debbie and Cindy worked it.  We had a great response.  We had put out a flier about Jaime and a lot of people were tested.  Joe (the soccer coach) was so touched about what he read regarding Jaime that he came to the drive. 

Joe was identified as a match  2 weeks ago to a 13 year old boy.  Somewhere in Europe…nurse said he loves soccer too.  Joe went Wednesday for the marrow extract and the marrow was sent overnight overseas.  The little boy had his transplant on Thursday.  Joe stopped by to tell me if it wasn’t for Jaime he wouldn’t even know about marrow transplants, would have never be swabbed and would never had been able to help this boy.  He said he thought of Jaime the whole time.

Just wanted to share this with all of you.  Jaime still touches so many.  Her fight and spirit will inspire other for years to come…and hopefully it will save some lives.  Jaime made me smile today.  Thought you all would like in on it.

God Bless Coach Joe, The little soccer player, and Jaime Vick Moran!!!