The Rectangle

A four sided geometrical shape.

 According to Wikipedia, "A rectangle is any quadrilateral with four right angles."   

In our case it's 30' X 60', bisected in the middle.  Two squares, as it were.

A rectangle or a refuge.

Is there something magical about rectangles?
Not all of them...

The rectangle has been a place we have gone in difficult times.  

Times have been difficult, but inside the rectangle we have found...


...each other.

Our rectangle must have invisible sturdy walls.

The pain, worry, and sorrow we have felt rarely gets in.
The respect, admiration, and love, never get out.

So what is this magical place, what does one need to gain admission?
Pull up your knee pads.  Lace up your shoes.
The rectangle recognizes only one division.
The net that bisects it.
In truth it is a false barrier, because even though it divides a dozen people in half,
It cannot contain the respect one six has for the other.

All over the world, twelve people "square off" on these rectangles.
Games are played, practices held, dreams are made, winners crowned.
But the real purpose, I think, is that we find one and other.
There is no concept, strategy, or philosophy greater or more important than this.

So what stops us from taking what we have learned inside the rectangle and out into the world.

At Kiski, we have found that the magic has nothing to do with the rectangle itself, but rather in the people we choose to share it with.  Our sense of peace, through what has been a difficult time, has more to do with being together.  All athletics share the commonality of "TEAM" or better yet "FAMILY".
But our's were surely built...

inside the RECTANGLE.