Forward. Collisions and Traffic

I believe life consists of millions of busy intersections.  Sometimes we get safely through them, and sometimes we collide.  These Collisions can be good or bad, and can vary in intensity from minor to life altering.  They will happen.  Everyday, all day.  Some of them alter your planned route, sending you into another potential collision.  When I look back upon the road taken, it amazes me.  So many wonderful people, so many great, inspiring, and sometimes sad stories to tell.  Yet I am compelled to tell this story, recount this journey, once and for all. 
Some people refer to this as God's will.  I'd like to think He created the traffic down here, and He delights in watching his creation, watch US trying boldly to get from place to place without running in to one and other, knowing we WILL collide. 
In effort to thank Him for the collisions in my life, I will recount them here.