Debbie Vick, Jaime's mom remembering "The Bus Ride"

After I write a new chapter in the pages area you see above here, I like to add something out here about what was written.  Last week I got a touching e mail from Jaime and Jodie's mom Debbie Vick.  It helps detail how her daughter felt the night of the Franklin match.  

Hi Tim:
Reading your latest post last night brought back a flood of memories and tears.  My first thought was back to the night after the game that Ellen got the news.  Dave was in Chicago and I was sitting watching television.  Usually when Jaime came home after a game we always sat and talked about the game and her day.  That night she walked in, sat down next to me and told me what Ellens diagnosis was.  Then she lost it.  After we both held each other and cried..she looked at me and I will never forget what she said to me....Ellen is going to be fine.  She has a long road ahead but I am going to be there for her every step of the way!  She is too good a person.  I NEED her to get through this.  We then discussed what she felt she needed to do.  Jodie stated it so well...she was just so matter of fact...nothing was going to stop her. 

Tim, you GOT Jaime.  Reading about your ride back in the car... Jaime also shared that with me.  She truly loved being a part of your volleyball world and I am so glad you have many good memories of her.  Thank you Tim for sharing and being a part of Jaime's life and our family's life.

Love you,

         Thank you Deb for allowing me to share this personal account.   Your strength is amazing and
         knowing these things about how Jaime felt helps me believe.