Jaime's Gift

      One of the things I always found so interesting about Jaime Moran was this gift she had.  I like to watch people, so on many occasions I got to watch it play out.  Jaime could steal a room just by walking into it.  It was fun to watch others as they discovered her.  She turned heads everywhere she went.  At restaurants, in gyms, at church, and just walking down the street.  You might say well yes, she was very, very pretty and I wouldn't doubt it was a factor, but there was far more to it than outward beauty.
      First of all, Jaime never simply walked, she kind of floated in this effortless, confident way.  It caught your attention not because she was trying to, but because it was so graceful and elegant.  She also possessed an aura unlike anyone I had ever met.  Instantly you knew you were in the presence of somebody special.  Kindness radiated from her and being near her felt good.  In the time I got to spend with Jaime, she never had a bad word to say about anyone, and always searched for the positive in every situation, even in the most difficult of times.
     I like to tell about our trip to York, when Jaime helped coach for Westmoreland Elite.  We got to spend a lot of time with her, and chatted for hours about many things.  Jaime had come all the way back.  She was in the best shape of her life, having completed the entire P90X training videos.  She was so obviously in love.
When the weekend was complete we had a long ride home.  Breaking up the long ride, we started listening to some of the comedy CD's I had packed.  Jim Gaffigan had her laughing so hard that it made us laugh even harder.  Then I had this moment, this rush of realization that this was special.  In the back seat our lovely friend Jaime laughed so easily, so freely, and in the seat in front of her, I cried joyful tears, laughing through them.  Jaime Moran was in a special place, and I just felt so damned privileged to share it that day.
So this unlikely carload continued west on the turnpike.  Ellen in the drivers seat, as always, getting us safely home.  Me riding shotgun, smiling and wiping away tears.  Jaime in the backseat, enjoying the ride as few of us will ever know.