This is getting so difficult

      I know that writing these stories has a dual purpose.  One is to detail this courageous story one last time, making sure we have it here, so we can remember.  The other is more selfish.  I need to get this out of me, before the memories fade.  There is a cost however as I get closer and closer to the parts of this story I hate the most.
      Keep in mind this is an emotional journey we have been on.  I have LOVED the people in this story, all of them.  Obviously Ellen, but Jaime, Dan, Jodie, Maggie, Dave and Deb, and Mark and the players and their families who have been so supportive of us as we continue.  I ask for your prayers as I take this story forward, to places I find hard to go.  I promise to be accurate and honest about how I have felt on the darkest days of my fifty plus years.
      Some of it will be harsh, some of it will be sad, but some of it should serve to inspire you in some way.  I have been blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of our community, and people I have never met, thousands of miles from here.  I guess that is the hopeful side to this incredible story.  Thank you all so very much!
With love,