Play one match as a Toy...

One of the things about having surgery is you have to rehab to get back in shape. Ellen's second foot surgery was complete, and the podiatrist did all he could to repair the damage on her right foot.  After healing up and some rehab, Ellen started to get the itch to compete at something, so we often talked about working in some tennis.  With her birthday coming up, it was the perfect cover...
February 25th, 1981
...I had decided to surprise her by wrapping an old tennis racket, with an engagement ring hidden in the racket cover, looking like a ball might.  She was totally caught off guard, and she said YES!

We were married on June 11th, 1983 at St. Gertrude's Church.  My Best Man was lifelong friend Gary Hall, and my brother Donald served as usher.  Ellen's sister Pam was her Maid of Honor, and my sister Amy serving as Brides Maid.  We had a nice reception at the Elks Country Club surrounded by all the important people in our lives.  We even did a lap through my families bar, the Mosey Inn on our way to the Honeymoon!  Life was good!

After a trip to New Symrna Beach on the east coast of Florida it was time to come home and settle into being "adults".  Before we left, my sister Linda and I purchased a small bar and grill, The Corner Bar, in Vandergrift.  When we got back, I went straight to work there.  We hoped to build the business up to be like the Mosey Inn, so there was much to do.
Ellen was finishing up college, and working first at Kinko's in Oakland, then at Montgomery Wards in Lower Burrell.  We were the typical newlyweds, trying so hard just to make ends meet.  The bar wasn't going to pay very well until we increased the business, and with Ellen trying to finish up her degree, and work a job, well it was tough!
I used to tease Ellen that I wanted her to play one match as Mrs. Toy, but after renouncing her scholarship, it didn't look good.  Fate would have it that a nasty flu bug was going around Pitt, so with Ellen commuting, she didn't get it, but the volleyball team did.  Coach Collier needed a sub, and Mrs. Toy came to the rescue!
Ellen did get to play one match as Ellen Toy at Edinboro in the fall of 1983!!!
Getting a teaching job, especially a Physical education job, in 1983 wasn't easy, and Ellen did a lot of subbing, mostly at Plum, but also at Apollo Ridge and Leechburg.  That's why we felt good about the opportunity to coach at Plum.  The district was already familiar with her work because she student taught there, and there was hope that one of the current PE teachers might be ready to retire.
So Ellen prepared to coach at Plum in the fall of 1983.