Jamming in Five Questions, Juliann Faucette

US National Team opposite Juliann Faucette is as comfortable belting out tunes as she is crushing volleyballs and cracking floorboards.  Faucette has a budding career as a pro volleyball player for RC Cannes, but she is also a talented singer.   Juliann performed the National Anthem this summer at the USA Volleyball Cup in Los Angeles.  

Her volleyball roots started in San Diego, where she played for Epic, and was ranked second in the recruiting class of 2007.  She selected Texas as her next destination, earning National Freshman of the year honors.  Juliann was a First Team All-American in her senior year at Texas after helping to guide the Longhorns to the NCAA Semi-finals.  She joined the national team program in 2008.  

It's always great to catch up with our favorite players.  Thanks Juliann for taking the time to become "Five Questions" very own "American Idol"!  

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Juliann Faucette

Current Location- Cannes, France

Team- RC Cannes


Major-Corporate Communications


You started working with the US National Team in 2008.  What was it like walking into the gym with the nation's very best players and who did you bond with the most in those early days?

I was 17 years old when I first walked into the gym in Colorado Springs. I remember being so frightened, yet excited to play with some of the best volleyball players in the world. Stacy Sykora was one of the first friends I had on the national team. Her, Kristin Hildebrand (Richards), and Nicole Davis were so helpful, open and caring. They had all been in my position before, and I was fortunate enough to get taken under their wing and learn.


Coming out of High School as a highly regarded recruit must have been exciting/unnerving...

Tell us about the recruiting process and what helped you choose Texas?

Texas had been in my family since I was around 12 years old, because my father was a football coach there. I spent a lot of time on the campus as a young girl, but never thought I would end up playing volleyball there and graduating from such a great university. But when they recruited me, I was so impressed with the coaching staff, the university, and the atmosphere that I put them at the top of my list. After talking to a few more schools, I narrowed it down to Texas and USC. Deciding was so difficult, but when I weighed it out I realized how much Texas felt like home to me. After that, I knew where I was headed.


Having the chance to play in Cannes seems like a pretty sweet deal!  What do you like most about France, and what is your favorite thing to do there when you have an off day?

I love Cannes. It is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to, and I am so fortunate to be playing here. What I most love about France is how untouched it is. Yes, there are a lot modern things and development here, but it just feels so old and traditional everywhere you go.


On an off day here in Cannes, my favorite thing to do, if it’s a nice day, is walk down to the beach where its quiet and just listen to the water. Sometimes I even go for a swim, because the Mediterranean is so warm all year long.


Every player has differing opinions on how coaches should treat them.  What "works" for you and what is the worst thing a coach has ever said to you?

You may not get this at first glance, but I am a very sensitive and emotional person. I take things personal and I feed off of a coaches encouragement and confidence in me. As I have grown a little older each year, I realize that the coach (or anyone else) should never dictate how confident I am in myself, but when a coach really shows me their confidence in me, I can be the best me.

I don’t really have a bad example of a coach in my career, but I do have a great example. Jenny Lang Ping, my coach from Evergrande China last season, was one of the best coaches for me. It wasn’t that she was super tactical or technical with me, but her confidence in me radiated, and she knew exactly what to say to make me play at my highest level. She regarded me as an equal. She laughed with me, pushed me, and believed in me as a player. She not only expressed it to me verbally, but she showed me everyday. And that is the way I am best coached.


What has been the biggest victory in your career to date, and what are your main goals for 2015?

My biggest victory in my career is today. Each day that I can wake up, walk into the gym and give 100% effort is a victory. No matter if I am injured, tired or homesick, I am where I am because of my work ethic and I think that’s a victory in itself. I’ve won a lot of matches and I have lost a bunch too. I have been on the National team and I am a professional volleyball player, yet nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that you gave your best, whether a practice, weights session or a match.


Bonus Question;

Ellen and I had the chance to hear you sing the National Anthem at the USA Volleyball Cup last summer!  (awesome job!)  What aspirations do you have as a singer and pick your team...





and why?

(We think you should be on The Voice!)

Thank you! I wish I had time to tryout for a show like The Voice. I think it would be so cool to give my singing career a try. But if I had to choose a coach, it would definitely be Christina because of her raw voice and talent. She is one of my favorite singers and her style is relatable.


Thank you Juliann for taking the time to answer our "Five Questions".  Best of luck for the rest of your season in Cannes, and safe travels home.  Keep on swinging and singing!

Also a very special thank you to Get Sports Media, and Cristina Gatti for giving us the chance to question Juliann, and also for always providing such great photographs of all of our volleyball heroes!  Our best to you Cristina!