Jamming in Five Questions, Jordan Larson-Burbach

Hooper Nebraska.  Population 830.  Routes 77 and 275 pass by, as does the Elkhorn River.  It is also the home of the "Governor".  Not the one who lives in the mansion in Lincoln, the more popular one, Jordan Larson-Burbach.

Jordan started her journey as a multi-sports star in youth sports.  She started playing club volleyball as a 12 year old and initially was a setter!  She continued her career at Nebraska, earning AVCA All-American status three times.  She joined the National Team in 2009, and started all eight matches at the 2012 Olympics in London where the Americans brought home the Silver Medal.  She as also enjoyed a great deal of success in the pros, winning three straight championships with her former club team in the Russian Super League, Dinamo Kazan.

What's left for this small town volleyball superstar to accomplish?  FIVB comes "home" to Omaha this summer, and the Games in Rio loom on the horizon.  Jordan and her National Team pals are surely chomping at the bit to get back to Anaheim and go to work.  

Jordan completes the Larson to Glass to Hill trio that put away the Chinese team in Milan, as now all three have been quizzed on our blog!   Thanks "Govnah"!



Jordan Larson-Burbach

Current location- Istanbul Turkey

Team- Eczacibasi- Vitra 

Position- Outside hitter

College-University of Nebraska- Lincoln 

Major- Communications / minor in Psychology 


You come from a small town (Hooper, Nebraska) and have now had the opportunity to travel all over the world.  Growing up, could you have ever guessed the path you would take, and when did you begin to believe you could play on the National Team?


Growing up in a small town I would have never guessed I would be in the position I am now.  I was very fortunate to have a great support system in my family.  They allowed me to play club volleyball and they took me to where I needed to be.  Without them I would not be where I am today.  


I always dreamed about playing in the Olympics.  I didn't start believing I could play for the National team till probably my junior year in college.  They had asked me to come train with them before the Olympics in 2008.  I choose to finish school because I was still young and had some growing to do and wanted to finish school before pursuing my volleyball career.  



I am curious about the way athletes get placed on club teams. Can you tell us about that process and how you landed with Vitra this season?


I have been very blessed in that I have spent the last 5 seasons in Russia with Dinamo-Kazan.  We had great success at Kazan for those 5 years and for me I wanted to see what other clubs/leagues had to offer.  I was interested in coming to Turkey and discussed options with my agent and decided Eczacibasi was the best fit for me.  


How hard is it to adjust to a new team right after competing for a month with the National Team in Milan?  Did you get anytime to relax after the World Championship?


Since I was changing teams after being in Russia for 5 years I was very nervous for my transition to a new team.  New girls, new coach and new administration.  Things are definitely run differently but it has been a relatively smooth process.  Post World Championships I had a great week at home with family which also happened to be my birthday week! Perfect timing.   


You had an extremely successful college career at Nebraska.  How special was it to get to play in your home state and how did the nickname "The Governor" come to be?


It was extremely special to come back to Nebraska and play in front of a home crowd.  I am definitely looking forward to Grand Prix finals this next year! Nebraska is a special place and I am so happy everyone including other countries/teams will get to experience where I grew up.  


The nickname " The Governor" came about from my teammate and friend Foluke Akinradewo and her brother.  They always joke with me that wherever we go in the world there is always a Nebraska fan or someone who knows me.  I tried to ignore it at first but "unfortunately" I respond to it... ;) 


You are known as a solid all around player!  Pick one...

Unbelievable defensive play that keeps a rally alive...

As a six position player Jordan is no stranger to the floor!

As a six position player Jordan is no stranger to the floor!

Shut down block...

Jordan and Foluke throw a block party!

Jordan and Foluke throw a block party!

Ball crushed down the line for a kill...

and why?


I think a shut down block would be my favorite.  It not only boosts our teams confidence but also gets into the other teams heads.  



Bonus Question:

Some of our "Five Questions" participants have admitted to a Netflix addiction...

What shows are you fond of, and are their any recommendations you can give us?


I am reality tv junkie- Real housewives of OC, Real housewives of Beverly Hills, Teen mom, Biggest loser, Project runway

I am also a fan of- Nashville, How to get away with Murder, Scandal and many more! 


The email I received from Jordan today included a sincere apology for not getting back to me sooner!   That tells you a lot about the kind of person Jordan Larson-Burbach is!  It is soon very cool that I continue to get these great responses from the best players in the world!  "Five Questions" started out as a curiosity,  and we certainly have "out kicked the coverage" with how it has progressed.  We have people like Jordan to thank for that!  Stay tuned, you never know who might show up next!

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