Jamming in Five Questions, Deja McClendon

Deja McClendon

That smile.

Seemingly ever present.

Encouraging and joyful.

Some people can convince you of their goodness with just one smile.

That's Deja.

Ellen and I have had a few opportunities to be among the thousands of fans in Rec Hall, and didn't miss too many chances to watch her play on TV, and every time...

That smile!

Ellen and I are big fans of Deja McClendon the player, and bigger fans of Deja.

That's what makes it so special to catch up with her here, on the second installment of "Jamming in Five Questions"

Deja McClendon

Current Location Sopot, Poland

Team Name  Atom Trefl

College Penn State

Major Broadcast Journalism

New team in a new country this year?  What has that adjustment been like, and what do you like the most about your new city?

It's my first full season so preparing to be away for 8 months instead of 3 was a big change. Volleyball is also a much more popular sport in Poland than in Azerbaijan so I had to adjust to playing in big time arenas. I'm really liking it so far. The language is extremely difficult to pick up but I've still been able to explore the center of Old City in           Gdansk. The buildings are beautiful and it's a great place to grab coffee and people watch.

What is your favorite thing to do with free time away from the game?

One of my favorite things to do is try new food. I love to scope out places to eat with teammates. I was just introduced to a classic Polish                                                             dish, Zurek soup. It's a new favorite!

Pro's traveling abroad are addicted to Netflix!  Is there a series or show you enjoy watching?  Any other reviews?

Yes, I most certainly have a problem when it comes to watching shows hah. I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan but most recently I have started watching New Girl. It's a great show for when you need a laugh.

What advise do you have for High School Juniors who might want to pursue opportunities to play in college?

I think it's important to do your research and to ask a lot of questions. Look at schools that fit you both academically and volleyball-wise. As a student-athlete you can't have one without the other :).

You played with three awesome setters in college in Alisha Glass, Kristin Carpenter, and Micha Hancock.  Create a "supersetter" with one attribute from each of them!

Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to play with Alisha but I did watch her as a recruit. If I could mix together Micha's lefty-awesomeness with Alisha's killer blocking and Kristin's never-ending energy you'd have one crazy supersetter.

Bonus Question:

Everyone has favorite music.

What song, when it comes on the old Ipod, do you say, ahhh yea, and is there one you have been skipping lately?

Drake's 0 to 100 has been number one on my pump up playlist for a few weeks now and as much as I loved the song when it came out, Rude by Magic! is a definite skip for me.