On-line tee-shirt sales! You ask for it!

After a week of clamouring from out of town supporters we have decided on how to handle on line tee shirt and hoodie sales!  I have been blessed to have had the support of my employer, Tees n Tops 


throughout Ellen's medical issues.  They have always provided our event tee shirt needs at a price that has allowed us to make great profits and thus help our causes the most.  This dates back to our very first Relay for Life event.  We sold close to 700 Fluorescent Angel tees and I know it was taxing on the screen printers, but they were champs!  

2 more Relays and 5 Jam the Gyms later and they have again offered to be "The Official Tees Shirt Provider of We Serve First"!  Here are how we will be handling their role...

If you are local, you can come into the store, pick out whatever style and size we have in stock, and your shirt will be printed while you wait!  It's as easy as that!  We have had a nice bit of traffic in our first week and you may have seen Marcie and Rachel in their new shirts on our Facebook feed.  Rachel won the coveted hat for being the first customer!

Like I said though there has been a great deal of out of town interest in our cause and we want to see We Serve First tees from sea to shining sea and beyond!  Here is how out of town sales will work...

Due to the unpredictable nature of what Ellen and I are going through right now, Mark and Danny Albert and their staff, Tracey, Cutta, Zack, and Autumn have graciously offered to handle everything, from taking orders to printing shirts to shipping them.  These guys have been our rocks and they are ready to take your orders starting Monday!

Two items will be available.  The Gildan 2000 tee shirt and the Gildan 18500 hoodie.  You can customize using any colors on the color palete for each!  

Colors for the tee shirts are here http://www.mygildan.com/Categories/T-Shirts/Short-Sleeve//p/2000

Colors for the hoodie are here http://www.mygildan.com/Categories/Fleece/Hooded//p/18500

Tee shirts will still be only $10 hoodies only $20.  We are keeping costs down and hoping to use visibility to drive more sales and more support!  There will be an upcharge for sizes XXL and up, add $2 for each up size on each item.  Also shipping charges will vary depending on weight and distance, but I can assure you Tees n Tops will be charging only the minimum.  They make nothing on our efforts and never have.  It is their gift to us!

Orders can be placed by email to the store at teesntops@comcast.net 

or by phone at 1-800-313-0009.

Have your style, size, garment color, and imprint color(black or white) ready.  You are a credit card away from supporting We Serve First!

Lets take this movement national, international, global, then universal!!!

"Flip the coin, Choose to SERVE!"

Tim and Ellen