Give it Back-Pittsburgh Camp and Summer Serve 2019


Last Summer We Serve First sent three athletes and Coach Kelsey Bonk to Anaheim for Give it Back’s camp.  This summer Give it Back brings it’s troupe of National Team members and former Olympians to Western Pennsylvania for an impressive two day camp at Moon High School August 9th and 10th.  What we hope to contribute as a foundation, and what I might be able to do to help founders Christa Harmotto-Dietzen, Courtney Thompson, and Tama Miyashiro require a little more explaination.

We Serve First is continuing it’s mission by provide financially challenged athletes an opportunity to attend this fine camp.  We have a goal of 20 young women we wish to send to Give it Back’s camp.  Early generosity has us nearing the 1/3 mark in fundraising for this endeavor.  We have started collecting names of eligible athletes from local High School and Club coaches.  When we get twenty names we will draw them from a hat and put them in order on a list.  As funding becomes available, we will inform each athlete that they have been sponsored.  If we collect donations beyond the goal of twenty we will expand the list. There is no shortage of athletes who can use our help...


You can get involved by donating at our GoFundMe page.  Every dollar raised between now and the close of registration will go towards this campaign.  


We Serve First has enjoyed being a part of Give it Back’s efforts in the past.  Along with sending MaKayla, McKenna, Cassie, and Coach Bonk last summer, we also sponsored one athlete from Washington at Give it Back’s first camp in Kent.  We are so proud to partner with them again for “Summer Serve 2019”.   



Look for the revival of my “Five Questions” segments as Give it Back rolls out the coaching roster for this camp.  I’m hoping to add to the hype by asking each coach about camp, their careers, and what they look forward to most when it comes to visiting Pittsburgh.  There is so much to be gained by learning about each of these amazing athletes, their journey, and what it takes to toe the service line with the game in the balance and a medal on the line.  I’ll be sure to share on my social media outlets as the answers come in. 


It’s going to be an active year for volleyball in Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh specifically.  NCAA Divison I Final Four will be at PPG Paints Arena in December.  Let’s get the party started by “serving” young athletes in our region an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to attend Give it Back’s camp August 9th and !0th.  Thank you for your generosity and support of We Serve First!

Tim Toy

We Serve First Foundation